Fitness Exercise very little Light exercise once a week Light exercise everyday Heavy exercise sometimes Heavy exercise often
Skill Ride sometimes, short distance Ride often, short distance Ride often, more than 10km Ride often, more than 50km Ride more than 100km, or race 

The level of the tour can be varied because of weather condition.

Shiretoko Pass Downhill

type on-road   fittness level1   skill level2

Very easy cycling tour for everyone!  You start cycling from the top of Shiretoko Pass at the height of 740m, and just enjoy downhill cycling to the sea level.

Distance: 15km

Required time: 2hours

Tour fee:a dult 5,000yen/child2,500yen

Period: late April - early November (Road is closed in snow season)

Tour flow

Meet at the shop --- go to the pass by car(20min.) --- Prepare and practice (10min.) --- Warming up ride(10min.) --- Start downhill --- Enjoy downhill taking photo(60min.) --- Get back to the shop

[Optional hiking]

Rausuko Lake hiking

Hiking distance: 6km
Additional time:+3hours
Additional Fee:Adult+5,000yen/Child+2,500yen

Ponhoro numa hiking

Hiking distance:3km
Additional time:+1.5hours
Additional fee:Adult+3,000yen/Child+1,500yen

Frepe waterfall hiking

Hiking distance: 2km
Additional time:1hour
Additional fee: Adult+2,000yen/Child+1,000yen



Oshinkoshin waterfall

type on-road   fitness very easy   skill very easy

Easy cycling along the coast.  The road is completely flat and we can enjoy safty ride on a wide side walk.  

Distance: 15km

Required time:2hours

Start point:Shop

Tour fee:adult4,000yen/ child2,000yen061

Period:late April-early November

[Optional tour]

Salmon Watching

Additional time:+1hour
Additional fee:adult+2,000yen/child+1,000yen
Period: late August-late October(salmon season)

Chashkot point walking

Additional time:+1hour
Additional fee: adult+2,000yen/child+1,000yen
Period: during the outgoing tide in spring




Kamuywakka Waterfall

type off-road  fitness level3 - level4  skill level3 

Riding through a deep forest, we get to a waterfall called Kamuywakka.  Hot water spring out from the volcanic mountain, Mt.Iow, and run into the stream.  The water temperature is around 25-30 deg.C.  It is comfortable and easy to walk in the stream with bare foot.  

Because the possibility of bear encounter is very high on the way, guided tour is strongly recommended.

Start point Distance Required time Tour fee Fitness
Shiretoko-goko 22km 4 hours adult8,000yen / child4,000yen level3
Shiretoko Nature Center 42km 6 hours adult12,000yen / child6,000yen level4

Period: early June- ealry November

Tour flow(In case Shiretokogoko start)
Meet at our shop --> Go to Shiretogoko by car(20min)  --> Prepare for cycling(10min) --> Cycling(80min) --> Kamuywakka waterfall(30min) --> Cycling(80min) --> Shiretokogoko --> Go to Utoro by car(20min) --> Get back to our shop


[Optional tour]

Shiretokogoko hiking(short)

Additional time: +1hour
Additional fee: adult+2,000yen/ child+1,000yen

Shiretokogoko hiking(long)

Additional time: +3hour
Additional fee: adult+4,000yen/ child+2,000yen

Mt.Iow trekking

Additional time: +4hour
Additional fee: adult+8,000yen/ child+4,000yen